Brittany Lento, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Brittany Lento, DPT completed her undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology with a specialization in Developmental Disability Services at University of MA- Lowell. Brittany went on to receive her Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) at MCPHS University in Worchester.

Throughout her education, Brittany gained experience in a variety of settings including cardiac rehabilitation, outpatient clinic and hospital-based care. Fortunately through these experiences Brittany acquired a strong understanding of how variable rehabilitation is for each patient she works with and has developed skills to create a patient-centered and enjoyable rehab process for her patients. Growing up with a constant rotation of athletics between softball, basketball and volleyball, Brittany values the benefits of daily physical activity and exercise which has developed into her exercise-based treatment approach. Outside of return to sport training, Brittany loves the challenge of working with patients with a variety of neurological diagnoses with goals to help each patient reach their full potential.

Born and raised on the neighboring north shore, Brittany has become the typical Bostonian with a love of New England sports and outdoor activities with family and friends, including two loveable Labradors. Do not be surprised if you see at least one dog picture a week when working with Brittany, it’s a good thing they’re cute!