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Team Screens

Elliott Physical Therapy Team injury Screening and Prevention Program consists of 3 visits.

The first visit consists of 5-7 Physical Therapists coming out to the team to run Functional Movement Screens (FMS). To do so, they will break up the screens into stations and run all the student athletes through each station to assess specific movements. We will also include an analysis of the team’s dynamic warm up and cool down. Our Physical Therapists have also added a few normative tests such as the Stork Test, the Plank Test, cutting screens, and some jump/running tests which we simply look at on a pass/ fail basis. Notes of the performance of the athletes will be carefully taken by our PTs in order to guide recommendations for the second session.

Second session, we will give you a report of what was tested and where your players fell against normative data. We will then incorporate the collected data to train the team captains in a new and improved dynamic warm up and specifically address any strength issues and identified asymmetries.

Third session is a check in to see that all modifications are being implemented toward achieving desired goals.

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