Elliott Physical Therapy: Helping People Be Themselves Again

June 17th, 2015

Pain. No matter what your age or level of physical fitness, everyone experiences it and some more than others. And when it sets in, whether caused by work, sports activity or in some instances for no known reason, people want relief. South Boston Today recently stopped in to meet the folks at Elliott Physical Therapy, located at 960 Morrissey Boulevard, in the Market Place on Morrissey Mall in Dorchester, who are fast becoming known as some of the top experts in the field. We’ve been hearing nothing but good reviews about them and wanted to see for ourselves.

The first thing you notice when you walk in the front door is that it’s different from most other Physical Therapy destinations. The spacious open floor plan is somewhat unique. It’s bright, sparkling clean and has a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. And everyone, patients and PT staff alike, seemed to be comfortable and enjoying themselves and in a good mood. There are also smaller, more private rooms for those who choose.

Elliott Physical Therapy is a true family run business owned and operated by husband and wife team Darryl and Patti Elliott. It would be difficult to find two nicer, more dedicated people. They pride themselves with providing orthopedic physical therapy by licensed, physical therapist specialists to children, teens and adults. Their staff have a minimum of six years of schooling in the field, so you are always treated by licensed PT experts and true professionals, never students. They do use equipment when needed such as TRX, slides, Pilates reformers and balance boards, but stress that the best equipment at Elliott is the fantastic staff, not the machines. Darryl is a Northeastern University grad and has been in the field of physical therapy for a long time. In fact, Darryl has been in the business for more than 25 years since 1984, taught kinesiology and orthopedics at Northeastern University and Boston University. He also held a prominent position in the field at the Carney Hospital and other locations. Patti handles the marketing and community relations.

South Boston Today had the pleasure of speaking at length with the Elliotts to learn more about the business and what their specific goals were. It was clear just by the enthusiasm of both Darryl and Patti that they loved their work and are dedicated to helping everyone. They were happy to educate us about what they do and why they love doing it so much.

The goal is to help people with pain get back to their normal lives, to be able to move without that pain, to be themselves again and do those things that they need to do, want to do and love to do. They both emphasized that a PT session should not hurt or be dreaded or feared, it should be a pleasant experience and that’s what they specialize in. To them, it’s a quality of life issue and helping patients return to the quality of life they are used to or even better, to improve it, brings them great satisfaction. It’s what they’re focused on. With Team Elliott, truly it’s a labor of love.

The Elliotts are firm believers that PT is not just for pro athletes, it’s for everyone. While they do treat the pros, the majority of people who come for help are every day folks seeking relief. Just one of the many reasons Elliott Physical Therapy is becoming so well-known and popular is that they offer a free, 30 minute screening for injuries with no referral from a doctor needed. At this free screening, they are able to evaluate a person’s condition, problem or lack of one and advise them of the best way to proceed to get the relief they are seeking. An offer of a free session as thorough as this is hard to match.

Darryl and Patti Elliott are small business owners who appreciate being part of the community and give back at every opportunity. They have sponsored local Little League Baseball teams, support the Boston Children’s Hospital and help with a variety of other worthy causes that strengthen neighborhoods and assist those in need. Patti’s ties to the South Boston Community are strong. She has family, including her parents who are residents. Her Dad is a retired Boston Police officer and her Mom is a former school teacher. Both Patti and Darryl enjoy the time they spend in the neighborhood. They also have two young children of their own.

The number of satisfied patients, who have experienced the expert and professional treatment that Elliott Physical Therapy has quickly become so famous for, is steadily growing and with good reason. They are great at what they do. More and more they are considered among the best around for the relief they give and the services they provide and all in a pleasant and welcoming manner.

You can learn more about them by logging onto their website at: www.elliottphysicaltherapy.com. You can call them by phone to schedule an appointment or for a free injury screen at 617-506-7210 or just stop in and check it out in person at the Marketplace on Morrissey Mall, 960 Morrissey Blvd, Dorchester. They are open 7am-8pm Monday through Thursday, Friday: 8am-5pm and Saturdays from 8am-2pm and there is plenty of free, convenient off street parking.